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– Foreword by Dr C K Narayan
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The realization that you are responsible for your results is the key to successful investing.Winners know they are responsible for their results; losers think they are not. - Dr. Van K. Tharp
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  •  Jumpstart 6-part Video Series
  • 2 strategies from #CASHTAGS that you can put to action immediately
  •  Traders Success Pyramid (5-part video series)
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Here's What You Can Expect To Learn:
  •   Break through the myths about stock market.
  •   Why do most people lose money in the stock market?
  •   Who makes money and how?
  •   How can you make consistent money by stock trading and investing?
  •   How can a common person trade successfully?
  •   What is fundamental analysis?
  •   What is technical analysis, and what are the basics of it?
  •   Discover simple trading strategies anyone can implement.
  •   Know the rules of thumb in trading.
Meghana V Malkan
She was given “Times Power Women – Iconic Trading and Performance Coach” award for empowering people to take control of their financial future by Times Group & Economic Times.
Hurry & Get EVERYTHING Below Today Before It’s Gone...
Exclusive bonuses that you get with this amazing book
  •  Jumpstart 6-part Video Series
  • 2 strategies from #CASHTAGS that you can put to action immediately
  •  Traders Success Pyramid (5-part video series)
Let's see what the Experts have to say about #CASHTAGS
"Most trading book leave out something important, but not #CASHTAGS. It has psychology, position sizing, systems, trading as a business and many other important topics. It's great overview of what's involved in trading success"
Dr. Van K Tharp- Author
"The role of a mentor is not limited to a day or a week or a year. It lasts all through one's life. Hence, one cannot undermine the need for a guide in life, be it trading or otherwise."
Dr C. K. Narayan
(India's prominent Technical Analyst and the winner of the "Lifetime achievement Award for
Technical Analysis.")
"Vishal has put together a guide for anyone who wants to become a trader. As an investor in stock market myself, I am especially intrigued by how honest and blunt Vishal is when it comes to explaining how the markets works. If I had read this book when I started, it would have knocked sense into me and helped me avoid the painful losses I incurred. As my mentor and role model Warren Buffet always said,"'First, invest in Yourself". This book is definitely a good investment in ourselves as the lessons we acquire will not be taken away from us and will return many folds.
Sean Seah 
(Best-selling author of Gone fishing with Buffet)
“To make money, to be successful and to be able to sustain that success is not easy no matter what anyone tells you. The path from where you are to the success you seek is never a straight line. It is filled with peaks and valleys, wins and failures. Only a truly seasoned and battle-tested entrepreneur can teach you how to really do it. Vishal and Meghana are not only part of that rare category of people but also have truly simplified the path for you to achieve your dreams. Their experiences and stories are very real and will take away the blinders and misconceptions you have around trading and business. They will replace them with simple 'street-smart' advice and processes for you to follow on your road to success. You will make mistakes, as they did and as we all must do. But with their wisdom and experience by your side, you will win. Their lessons are not just lessons for trading. They are lessons for life.”
Blair Singer
(Best-selling author, entrepreneur, founder Blair singer training academy)
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Hurry & Get EVERYTHING Below Today Before It’s Gone...
Exclusive bonuses that you get with this amazing book
  •  Jumpstart 6-part Video Series
  • 2 strategies from #CASHTAGS that you can put to action immediately
  •  Traders Success Pyramid (5-part video series)
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Vishal B Malkan
VISHAL is one of the top coaches in the areas of stock trading and personal transformation. Venturing into this journey at the young age of 16, he experienced the thick and thins of the stock market before achieving success as a trader. During the 22 years of his trading career he learnt various theories, approaches and concepts only to realize that it need not be this complex. He has made it a personal mission to help a common man understand and trade the stock markets with the help of systems so simple that even a 10-year old child can understand them. Vishal’s passion and natural leadership skills have helped propel him into a successful trainer, coach and a role model.
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Meghana V Malkan
MEGHANA, a trading and performance coach broke all her preconceived notions about the markets. She migrated successfully from a law background into the stock markets which was a culture shock for her. In her endeavor to find the trader in herself, she realized that success at trading is more about having the right mindset than anything else. Her strength as a coach lies in helping aspiring traders to perform at their highest potential in stock trading and also in life.
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